Entrevista a nuestros coworkers. Hoy Oliver Lubinus.

Entrevista a nuestros coworkers. Hoy Oliver Lubinus.

Hello Oliver, please present yourself

My name is Oliver Lupinus. I am 33 years old from northern Germany.

I am working as a electrical engineer with a consulting firm currently here in Sevilla remotely.

When did you started to work digitally?

Well, I basically started with the pandemic, I think almost everyone. 

My client was already remote before, they are global, or they were a global company. And so it was possible to work remotely because my colleagues in the project were working anyways in the US or in India. So we were not meeting them anyway. And because of that, I was able to start. And ever since I didn’t stop, so that was three years ago. Started 2020. Wow. So yeah, here we are. 

Yeah, I’m definitely a winner when it comes to the pandemic

Organization and planning

How many hours do you work in the week?

40 hours a week

Do you choose your schedule?, or does your company give you your schedule?

I Don’t have a schedule. No, no, it depends on the project. Some projects, you can just work whenever you want. And depending a bit on the interaction, the project, if you have contact with colleagues from the client, then you have certain hours where you kind of have to work. Then other projects, it’s completely up to you.

What time are you more productive during the day?

In the morning

Do you plan monthly, weekly, daily

Oh, that also depends really on the project. So some projects are work package based. So then your plan basically per work package Because you probably have a deadline when the work package has to be done. And in general, yeah, I do my project planning. Um, I’m not really doing a rigid daily schedule. Okay. It’s more if I have meetings then they are obviously there but yeah, roughly planning what to do for the week and the day.

Do you plan yourself digitally or manually? 

Digital. 99% Digital thoughts. I would do everything digitally if I could.



How do you separate your professional life and your personal one? Are you able to?

Yeah, I definitely do that every day. One reason why I come here is like, location separation. 

And also, when I’m not going to a co-working space in my apartment, I always have a door to close. So I can go to a different room when I leave bed, I’m not working in the bed. Never. That’s not going to happen. So always going to a different location in the apartment, outside of the apartment. 

Sometimes I have to level the apartment and sleep upstairs and work downstairs. Something like that. Yeah. But to have a clear separation. Or also possible if you don’t have it. You can. What I also did already was before working, going for a walk, just to run around the block, coming back and then start work. Same after work to have a clear separation. That also helps. Its switching off or switching on

Do you practice any sport?

Yeah. I really liked football in school. I played football and after that. I did not really because it’s very time consuming. 

I started playing table tennis in school already. And that’s less time consuming. So I did that. I also really like volleyball and going to the gym.


How do you manage to be more productive?


Planning your work to have an idea and overview what you want to do by dealing with it at the beginning of the day or the week, so your mind can already prepare for the work. 

Write down the progress that you make, what you did and where you are. What’s the next step basically. So you find faster into the work package when you start again and also to think in the steps rather than the final goal.

And milestones are really good if it’s a longer work package. If you don’t just work on it once or twice, then it’s helpful to have milestones.

I do a lot of project management for myself. We are planning what packages went to do what and dependencies and so on. Really helps.

Pets? No.

Any favorite table games?

I don’t have any games with me. No. Nothing.

Very minimalistic. Yeah,

I’m not sure what kind of games I would take really? No, I don’t even have a card game with me.

Do you work with a partner or a team?

I have a team like a department that is doing the same working on the same topic. And then we also have small teams working on each project. Usually, there’s like 2,3,4 people working on each project.

Mac or PC?



I don’t do Mac’s I don’t use MAC’s never, 

I would use Linux but my company laptop is Windows. And Windows is just the most convenient because it has compatibility with most of the programs. Okay, plus, I privately would never own a Mac, definitely team PC.

How do you reach your clients, for example, use social media? 

We use 2b2, because we do technology consulting. So 2b2 research and development consulting. And that’s no private person who’s doing research and pays us.

Why did you decide to work in a coworking space? And what do you think it has provided you with?

Since I’m traveling around, sometimes, depending on the apartment, on the apartment that I live in, it’s very nice to have a different space to work from. And yeah, it’s nice to have the office environment. That’s very cool. I usually only do it when it’s in a nice location as well, when I just have to walk a bit to get there, or to take a train. So I don’t waste too much time commuting.

How do you see your professional future? Or how do you see yourself in the future?

Well, that’s a very open question. How much time do you have? 

Well, I’m not planning to stop traveling. I don’t have any reason right now to stop traveling. And there are a lot of places that want to be visited remotely working also in the future. 

But how long I will do it I don’t know. Right now I don’t have any open end. So I also don’t know if I will settle down at some point or where I would because I don’t know where I would settle down professionally

See, I’m really content with what I’m doing right now with cybersecurity. Very interesting topics. And what I do privately is web development. So I’m also looking into starting my own company in this area of web development.

Do you have a new destination?

On Saturday. I, go to Madrid for a day. Then. Few days to my company’s office in Barcelona. And then I’ll fly to the Canarias.

Okay, good destination.

Yeah, I agree. Some more degrees. Hopefully.

It’s a bit warmer here.

Yeah, thank you for this first interview

Yeah, it was nice.

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